It’s really great to share this recommendation for Folkert, who’s had an instrumental role in helping me achieve my goals ahead of one of the most important events in life – my wedding.

I started working with him three and half months before the big event. Folkert has a very structured and holistic approach to help you achieve your goals. He’s really looking at creating healthy habits from both a dietary, social and fitness perspective. I really enjoyed the way he’s taken into account my lifestyle and schedule to make a tailored meal plan that was easy to put in practice and plan for. The fact that the plan was achievable and manageable within a busy lifestyle, was instrumental for me to really follow-up up on it week by week, without really feeling constraint or thinking it’s too difficult at any time.

Beyond his approach, he’s always been there on all communication channels to help with great advice and also support in moments of doubt or weakness. What I really liked is that even in those moments, he found ways to be encouraging, supportive and most important give very easy and relevant to apply tips and tricks.

Last but not least, he’s really a great person to work with, and even though we were working on a very serious goal, the training sessions were always in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

With all of these in mind, Folkert has managed to keep me going strong on my plan, even after days when I was thinking I should probably give up. The consistency of his support were key to getting in shape, and ultimately helping me feel great for the big day.

Now with the wedding behind me, I very much look forward to going back to training with Folkert – it’s a great investment in myself and my body – entirely worth the time and money!

FIT by FOLK voor blijvend resultaat

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